COTW explains what to look for when buying land in Texas

What to Look For When Buying Land in Texas

 There is plenty of Texas land for sale and, very likely, at a better price that you might think. Whether for personal use or as an investment, there are a lot of benefits to looking to Texas when you're interested in buying land. Texas doesn't just have a lot of beautiful countryside and space to develop, there are incentives to make it well worth your while.

 If you're in the market for some Texas land for sale then you should be aware of how the state has made purchasing land a great investment opportunity. Keep an eye out for these factors when assessing land you’re interested in buying.


Development Freedom

 When you purchase land in Texas, you don't have to worry about excessive government regulations. While city authorities can dictate what a piece of land can be used for, open land in Texas is not nearly as tightly regulated. You only need approval from the county subdivision and surrounding municipalities to develop the lands however you choose. So, look for areas that meet your development needs.


Tax Exemptions

 Texas offers a number of tax exemptions for landowners. Depending on how you use the land, you could get exemptions for wildlife, agriculture, or timber that could significantly reduce your property taxes. Be on the lookout for land that you could set aside as pasture or for wildlife preservation. It could save you thousands of dollars.


No State Property Tax

 Texas does have property taxes, but they are handled locally rather than statewide. That means that how you are taxed can vary depending on the location of the land you choose to buy. And, however you are taxed, the money will go into the local economy so you will still reap the benefits of any taxes you pay out.



 Unlike some parts of the country, there are lenders who specialize in financing the purchase of land in Texas. Since land values are sometimes hard to assess, these lenders are often farmers and landowners themselves who live in Texas and understand the environment. This can help you secure the funds you need when otherwise, it could be very difficult.



 Texas is one of the most ecologically and geographically diverse states in the country. You can purchase land that is rolling plains, mountainous, marshland, forest land, scrubland, and more. Whatever you're in the market for you'll be able to find in Texas.

Guest blog by Brandon Mickens LandHub

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