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Home Is Where Your Peace Is

By Hannah Simpson

Your home is your sanctuary. It should be a place where you can feel free to relax and unwind. But for many, this idea of a relaxing space is lost. The reality is that our homes are often bursting at the seams with items from the outside world. This makes it hard to get in touch with ourselves and enjoy some much-needed me-time. Clutter is usually the biggest obstacle that keeps our home from being a place of relaxation. The Fly Lady calls it CHAOS as in, Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

That's why it's important that we make our homes more relaxing places; more likely to offer us the escape we need from an otherwise busy life. And if you're looking for ways to do this, there are a few simple steps that will help make your home more comfortable and welcoming, giving you peace of mind at any time of day or night. Read on for tips from Code of the West.

Tips for a Relaxing Living Space

Getting rid of clutter is priority number one. Clutter causes anxiety and stress which can affect your health. Also, being organized is a time saver adding hours to your week.

Room colors can be either high-energy or relaxing. Tranquil, pale blues, greens, and grays make a room feel peaceful whereas bold, vibrant colors amp up the room’s energy.

Plants are great for adding a sense of calm to a room, besides filtering toxins in the air and adding more oxygen to the room.

Aromatherapy is an ancient and popular means of creating peace and calm in a room. Rosemary and lavender scents promote a sense of calm, help with sleep, and even lower blood pressure. You can achieve that with scented candles, room sprays, diffusers, and wax melts.

Lighting is another factor that affects our mood. We know how easy it is to feel gloomy on gray days and how bright, sunny days perk us up. Use natural lighting as much as possible, opening blinds and drapes, even on overcast days. Pendant lights are great for reaching those places where overhead lighting isn’t available. A light like this can hang from a hook and plug into any outlet. This option allows pendant lighting to be installed almost anywhere an outlet is available without the hassle and expense of adding wiring to the ceiling.

Tips for a More Relaxing Bedroom

Reducing clutter applies here too. Remove clutter that’s accumulated on your bedside tables and use drawer organizers to place them neatly in the table drawers.

Hang up clothes that may be draped over chairs or hanging from door hooks.

Color is important in the bedroom too and that includes linens. Bedspreads and sheets should be white or pastel with brighter colors reserved for accent pillows and throws.

Fresh flowers in the bedroom have the same benefits that plants do by bringing nature into the room while adding their own aromatherapy.

Make a Relaxation Space

Whether it’s a corner of a room or a room all its own, make a place to unwind and practice relaxation exercises like meditation, yoga, tai chi, painting, or listening to music.  It should be free of electronics like cell phones and laptops and where you won’t be interrupted. Relaxation rooms can actually be a health benefit in that they allow you the space you need to de-stress and concentrate on your own wellness.

We all have one thing in common, and that is the need for an escape from the daily pressure. In today's world, we don't always get this break as there are a lot of things vying for our attention on a daily basis. So make sure your home is a place where the cares of the world can be left on the other side of the door.

Let Us Help You Find That Relaxing Home!

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