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Your 3-Step Guide to Finding and Designing a Space for Any Home-Based Business

- By Tina Martin

If you’re starting a business and plan on operating it out of your home, one of the first things you’ll need to do is select an office location — whether it’s a spare bedroom, converted garage, or an entirely new space. If you can’t convert an existing room into a home office, you could add onto your home, build a backyard studio, or buy a new house that has plenty of space for your home-based business needs. For some tips on finding, designing, and securing your new office space, read on!

1. Choose a Location for Your Home-Based Business

When choosing a location for your home-based business, you’ll need to think about your specific needs — including your budget, timeline, and how much space and privacy your job will require. Your office needs will also depend on your occupation, as some professions require more space and privacy than others. If you’re a chiropractor or therapist and will be seeing patients in your home, for instance, you may need a private in-home waiting area and treatment room that’s separate from the rest of your living areas. If you’re a writer, web developer, or marketer, you may be just fine working in a smaller office space where you can set up your desk, laptop, and some cabinets or shelves. 

As you select a space for your home-based business, you’ll typically need to decide whether to:

  • Work with an existing space in your home. If you don’t have a spare bedroom, MHM Professional Staging recommends placing the office in a family room, dining or living area, unused loft space, closet, or kitchen.
  • Remodel a room. You could remodel your garage, basement, or another space to make room for your home-based business.
  • Build onto your home. If money allows, you could build an addition to create more space at home for your business needs. Alternatively, you could build an outside structure such as a workshop or studio shed.  
  • Buy a new home. Buying a new home is another option to consider, especially if you’re out of space and can’t afford to remodel or build an addition. An experienced real estate agent with Code of the West can help you to find a new home in the best possible location for you and your business.

2. Design and Organize Your New Office

Once you’ve chosen a location for your home-based business, you’ll need to design and furnish the space in a way that motivates and inspires you. Entrepreneur recommends furnishing the space with an ergonomically designed chair, mouse, keyboard pad, and footrest — and incorporating colors like green and yellow into the office design. Before painting an entire wall or room, however, be sure to test different colors to see how they make you feel. 

As you design your home office space, you may also need to invest in a few pieces of equipment — including a printer, separate monitor, network router, and adequate lighting. A file cabinet and shelving unit may also be necessary, depending on your specific business needs. 

3. Secure Your Home-Based Business Space

Once your home office has been built and designed, you’ll need to take a few steps to secure the space and protect your business from natural disaster and unauthorized activity. To protect important files and documents from fire, moisture, and burglary, for instance, you could invest in a locked fire-safe box and an alarm system for your home. As for securing your tech devices and data, however, you’ll need to invest in a solid cybersecurity plan — as this will be essential to protecting your business from security threats, viruses, and other concerns. 

A Final Word

Once your home-based office has been built, designed, and secured, you can finally put your new space to good use. If you find that your new office design isn’t working for you, however, don’t be afraid to make changes in the future. Designing a home office can take a bit of trial and error before you finally create the perfect space that fits your lifestyle, personality, and work habits.

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