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Improve Your Health and Wellness at Home on a Budget

Improving one's health and wellness at home on a budget can come from many approaches. While some are as simple as creating a ritual such as lighting a candle or tidying up a messy space, others require more work. From reducing allergens to creating an outdoor space for some sunshine and serenity, consider these projects for home modifications. With a well-designed space, unwinding at home can become a luxury without going broke!

Reduce Allergens

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the air spreads allergens, which can trigger asthma symptoms, and they can settle into your floors and furniture. The primary sources of allergens are soft fabrics, plush furniture, and even your beddings. One easy and budget-friendly way to help reduce allergens in your home is to purchase a good air purifier, which can help get rid of indoor air irritants. If you don’t already have one, don’t fret; deal websites such as Rakuten can help you save money on the purchase of an air purifier fan.

Vacuuming often, at least once or twice per week, can help reduce allergens too. Another easy and free way is to remove clutter to more easily wipe up and get rid of allergens as they settle from the air. Remember to clean smart, such as with inexpensive tools like Swiffer that trap dust particles, as well as often, like washing your bed linens or changing air filters.  For more tips and tricks on reducing allergens check out this article on "Fighting Dust Allergies."

Modify the Interior 

For more in-depth removal of allergens, consider stripping your home of its carpets. This will help remove difficult-to-reach allergens and alleviate your throat, eyes, and nose. Though it is more pricey, it could be the trick to solving serious allergy issues in homes

For more mental wellness and relaxation modifications, consider remodeling your home's current arrangement. Convert an unused bedroom into a reading room, a personal yoga studio, or a creative center, all of which you can do on a fairly small budget. Take time to add soft lights, paint the room your favorite color, or build an altar of objects that inspire you to reach your goals. This space should be free from clutter, full of light, and a soothing place for you to get in touch with your senses, according to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics. 

Create an Outdoor Space

Getting in touch with nature or natural elements can be another great and budget-friendly way to improve your health and wellness at home. As humans, we are instinctively drawn to nature, whether it is plants, waterfalls or natural sunlight. For this reason, making the most of outdoor space — be it a patio, backyard or even a balcony — is a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety at home. You can even escape from the world for a little while as you tend to your plants or meditate next to a beautiful patio fountain.

To help bring a backyard together, and to keep unwelcome visitors out, consider adding a wood fence around the perimeter. On average, homeowners pay around $2,750 to make such an installation, though this number will vary depending on the location and the size of the yard. Keep in mind that lumber tends to run between $7 to $15 per foot while labor is $10 to $30. Though a fence is an investment, it will afford you more privacy to relax and get in tune with nature from the comfort of your own yard. 

Other budget-friendly additions to your outdoor space could include green or environmentally friendly updates like low-water landscaping. Adding heat-tolerant, low-water plants like succulents among others is a fun way to change the look or feel of a flower bed–not to mention, low-maintenance. To bring in other natural elements, consider adding a small chimenea or birdbath to your sitting area. This will provide more harmony to the outdoor space while also bringing nature closer to you and your family. 

Improving your health is as easy as decluttering your home and removing any items that might be harboring allergens. Change up your interior to create a quiet space just for you that allows you to unwind over something you love. That space can even be outside where you can get in touch with nature as you release anxiety and stress. What’s more, you can transform your home regardless of how much money you have to work with.

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