What You Need to Know About Unrestricted Land

Unrestricted land is a commonly misunderstood concept, which can lead buyers, sellers, brokers, and everyone in between to a serious mess. When buying land, it's important that you really understand what "unrestricted" means.


Home Staging: Instant ROI When You’re Selling a Dream

We’ve all been there—you walk into a home and the gorgeous simplicity of the design and decoration brings visions of you and your family lounging in the comfort of the den, cooking in the spotless kitchen, entertaining in the bright living room, and relaxing into the fluffy pillows of the master bed to read a book. And that’s “the one”—the house that you can imagine yourself not just living in, but thriving in!


How to Stay Calm When Managing a Move and a New Business 

Starting a successful new business takes a lot of hard work and determination. But managing a move at the same time? Whew! That’s a lot for anyone to take on all at once!

 There are many steps and details you need to cover in order to make these transitions work. To simplify the process, consider these tips brought to you by Code of the West Real Estate.

COTW explains what to look for when buying land in Texas 

What To Look For When Buying Land In Texas

 There is plenty of Texas land for sale and, very likely, at a better price that you might think. Whether for personal use or as an investment, there are a lot of benefits to looking to Texas when you're interested in buying land. Texas doesn't just have a lot of beautiful countryside and space to develop, there are incentives to make it well worth your while.

Hikes near La Veta and Walsenburg 

Hikes Near La Veta and Walsenburg

The La Veta and Walsenburg areas offer tons of trails at all levels of difficulty. Whether you want to get outside to run, walk, hike or bike, Southern Colorado has you covered. And don’t worry, there is something for everyone in the family! (That means you, doggo!) 

COTW Southern Colorado Real Estate Blog discusses how to protect your wood floor from water damage  

How to Protect Your Wood Floors From Water Damage 

You’ve just installed a brand new hardwood floor in your living room. Once you look at the bill, you have just one hope: that this investment will last you for many years to come.

However, your wood floors face one great danger—water. The thought of a leak or flood is enough to keep you up at night. Not only will water ruin your hardwood floors, but it can cause mold growth and structural damage to your home. What can you do to protect your floors and prevent this disaster from happening?

Don’t worry! We’ve got a few tried-and-true solutions for you. Here’s how you can keep your hardwoods strong and damage-free.

COTW Merges to better serve you Southern Colorado Real Estate

A Winning Combination: 

Code of the West Real Estate Merges with Town & Country Estates Realty of Trinidad and Colorado Homestead Properties of Aguilar

We didn’t think it could get any better, and then it did! Twice! Code of the West Real Estate is proud to have united with Town & Country Estates Realty out of Trinidad and Colorado Homestead Properties out of Aguilar. 


Spring is the most popular time for refreshing the home after being cooped up over the winter. However, with many people being required or choosing to shelter in place over much of the past year, this annual ritual may be more important now than ever. These five tips from Code of the West Real Estate will help you give your home a post-pandemic refresh.


Southern Colorado is gorgeous, and there’s so much to do and see near Westcliffe. If you love to hike, you’re in luck. Westcliffe provides plenty of day hikes close by. Here are some easy and challenging adventures to get you started. Get outside!

Want to buy a home? It’s not as complicated as it sounds! 

Perhaps you’re curious about what’s involved in buying a home or want to dive in and go for it. Maybe you’re tired of paying rent and building your landlord’s wealth and you’re ready to invest in your own future. Buying a home is exciting, but the process can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry! In this post, we’ll give you some things to consider as you work through the homebuying process. 

Southern Colorado has plenty to see and do! If you’re lucky enough to live in Colorado, check out some of the following nearby sights. If you don’t live in Southern Colorado, then hit the road or contact Code of the West  to get a place of your own! 

Tips and Tricks for Social Media

When was the last time you were scrolling through Instagram and ordered something that you saw? It’s an important marketing tool for businesses and has many influential users. Social media users have reached 3.8 million worldwide as of January 2020, according to a Digital 2020 Report. And this number will keep growing! Social media continues to evolve, so here are some of the social media highlights from 2020. 

Now more than ever, it’s important to support local businesses. Here are a few simple ways you can support small businesses. Some of them don’t even require leaving your house!  

Support Local Businesses and Restaurants
Support Local Farms
Stock Up
Support Local Artists and Musicians

Installing a New Roof? Key Factors You Should Consider

Guest Blog: Rachel Harper

For many homeowners, installing a new roof can be an overwhelming and daunting task. This is not surprising as several factors need to be considered to ensure you get things right. Undeniably, a new roof is both a long-term and costly investment. 

In fact, roof contractors often consider getting roofing insurance a crucial part of their business. Functionality, style, and performance are just some of the factors you need to consider when installing a new roof.

Unfortunately, just like roof maintenance, many homeowners overlook the other key factors that go into a new roof installation. Ensure you cover all the bases, and you achieve all your roofing objectives by keeping the following in mind:

Buying a home is both a significant achievement and responsibility. And as one of the most expensive purchases of your life, your home deserves protection from circumstances and perils that might cause it harm.

Disasters don’t always happen, but when they do, they can put you into a state of debilitating financial crisis. For those who own a home or planning to buy one, homeowner’s insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Whether you’re a first-time home owner or someone looking to renew your coverage, these tips will help you choose the right home insurance policy.

Do you dread the idea of replacing your roof? If it's any consolation, you are not alone. Replacing a roof is a vast and costly project. That’s one reason contractors always make sure they have roofing insurance to cover possible losses due to injury or property damage.

While the average roof can last for decades, the cost of replacing them can be daunting. Roof replacement can be a substantial investment that can make any budget-conscious homeowner think twice.

In case disaster strikes, you want your home insurance coverage to be sufficient to rebuild your home's structure, replace your belongings, and defray costs if you are unable to live in your home. Standard homeowner policies typically provide coverage for disasters caused by fire, hail, lightning, and explosions. Those who reside in areas where the risk for earthquakes and floods are present will need coverage for those disasters.


You may or may not already know this, but home insurance is not a legal requirement for owning a home. Still, this does not mean that homeowners' insurance is not essential. On the contrary, having one will help you avoid and hurdle troubles, come the unexpected.

First Time Home Buyers

Congratulations! It’s time to buy your first home! You’re tired of paying rent and building your landlord’s wealth and are now ready to invest in your own future. Home buying is both exciting and overwhelming. In this post, we’ll give you some things to consider as you work through the home buying process. 

“If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, then wait five minutes.” Colorado’s weather often changes quickly, and it keeps you on your toes. Despite the quick changes and seasons, Colorado’s climate is truly amazing! 


Your 3-Step Guide to Finding and Designing a Space for Any Home-Based Business 

- By Tina Martin

If you’re starting a business and plan on operating it out of your home, one of the first things you’ll need to do is select an office location — whether it’s a spare bedroom, converted garage, or an entirely new space. If you can’t convert an existing room into a home office, you could add onto your home, build a backyard studio, or buy a new house that has plenty of space for your home-based business needs. For some tips on finding, designing, and securing your new office space, read on!


Southern Colorado has plenty of real estate in areas called Opportunity Zones (OZ). So what are Opportunity Zones? Let’s take a closer look at what Opportunity Zones are, how they’re created and where they’re located.


Colorado is one of many states where marijuana is legal. Cannabis, hemp and marijuana are used interchangeably. While they’re part of the same plant family, they have some differences in terms of THC levels, legality and more.


Your Checklist for An Eco-Friendly Kitchen Upgrade - By Harper Reid

Are you eco-conscious and looking to upgrade your kitchen? There are many things you’ll need to consider before taking on an eco-friendly kitchen upgrade. You may not be sure where to start, so here’s a checklist to help you out.


No matter where you are located in Colorado, you can find something amazing to do! In this post, we’ll cover a variety of activities you can enjoy and provide some valuable resources to plan your next Colorado excursion.


Looking for creative ways to brighten up your living space? Over the top paint jobs and expensive remodels aren't the only way of bringing color into your home. With the right pointers, it can be as simple as focusing on a few new additions while making the most out of colors you already have. Keep reading for design tips to transform any dull room into a vibrant and visually striking living space. Make a start on our bright ideas now and your dream living space will be closer than ever.


There’s so much to do and see in beautiful Colorado! Colorado mountain properties provide easy access to hunting, fishing and viewing wildlife. Before you grab your fishing gear and hit the road, it’s important to be aware of the rules surrounding hunting and fishing.


Purchasing your first investment property can be downright overwhelming. You need to select a property, figure out how to finance this investment and learn the ropes of managing it later. Whether you’re aiming for a short- or long-term rental, here are important insights to help ensure your endeavor is a successful one.


Water Rights and Resources
Colorado real estate is an exciting investment! While water rights and resources might get overlooked when you're house hunting, it’s important to gather this information for any real estate that peaks your interest—especially if it’s a rural mountain property.



Improving one's health and wellness at home on a budget can come from many approaches. While some are as simple as creating a ritual such as lighting a candle or tidying up a messy space, others require more work. From reducing allergens to creating an outdoor space for some sunshine and serenity, consider these projects for home modifications. With a well-designed space, unwinding at home can become a luxury without going broke!



Moving to a new town is a serious undertaking. From finding a new job to buying a house, there’s a lot to accomplish before you can settle into your new community — and the work doesn’t stop when you arrive. When the moving truck is unloaded and boxes unpacked, there are a few things left to do before you can call your new city “home.”



The greatest time of the year is upon us here in the beautiful Spanish Peaks Country in Southern Colorado! From the history to the art, from the outdoors to the attractions, the Wahatoya (Huajatolla) mountain area has never failed to be on a
 bucket list of  “Places to See this Summer!”



Springtime for Colorado farmers and ranchers means work! 
Whether it's getting fields ready for planting, ditches ready for water, or the all 
important calving, lambing, kidding or whatever season you find yourself knee deep in. 



We have successfully assisted many in the sale, leasing, and purchasing of Cannabis cultivation facilities, MIP facilities (Marijuana Infused Products), Hemp facilities, and commercial storefronts for the sale of such products in various locations 
throughout the state.



The value of land in Southern Colorado is directly related to the quality and 
quantity of its water rights. No truer words have ever been spoken!

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