COTW Ranching

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Every day has its own set of challenges, and each season seems to bring more busy work than the one before it.

Long days of winter feeding and ice chopping roll into sleepless nights of calving in the spring, which bumps right up to the busy days of breeding cows before summer turnout. Once planting is done, haying must begin. Soon, harvest is upon us. Then calves must be weaned, and the cycle begins again.

As young producers, it seems like these tasks take more time to accomplish due to the fact that we’re growing older, exhausted and teaching the young what to do when we are gone. We’ve learned to budget time and money for breakdowns, parts and delays. It’s just part of the bigger picture as we work to keep what we have in great condition.

In addition to our day jobs, when you add two young kids to the equation, our lives have become the perfect mix of chaos, messiness, late nights, early mornings and wondering when life might get a little bit easier or a little bit slower. Of course, we wouldn’t change anything at this stage in the game; we’re very blessed to be on this ranch raising our kids in this lifestyle.

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