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There’s so much to do and see in beautiful Colorado! Colorado mountain properties provide easy access to hunting, fishing and viewing wildlife. Before you grab your fishing gear and hit the road, it’s important to be aware of the rules surrounding hunting and fishing.


Purchasing your first investment property can be downright overwhelming. You need to select a property, figure out how to finance this investment and learn the ropes of managing it later. Whether you’re aiming for a short- or long-term rental, here are important insights to help ensure your endeavor is a successful one.


Code of the West Explains Water rights and how they relate to home ownership

Real Estate Water Rights and Resources

Colorado real estate is an exciting investment! While water rights and resources might get overlooked when you're house hunting, it’s important to gather this information for any real estate that peaks your interest—especially if it’s a rural mountain property.



Improving one's health and wellness at home on a budget can come from many approaches. While some are as simple as creating a ritual such as lighting a candle or tidying up a messy space, others require more work. From reducing allergens to creating an outdoor space for some sunshine and serenity, consider these projects for home modifications. With a well-designed space, unwinding at home can become a luxury without going broke!



Moving to a new town is a serious undertaking. From finding a new job to buying a house, there’s a lot to accomplish before you can settle into your new community — and the work doesn’t stop when you arrive. When the moving truck is unloaded and boxes unpacked, there are a few things left to do before you can call your new city “home.”



The greatest time of the year is upon us here in the beautiful Spanish Peaks Country in Southern Colorado! From the history to the art, from the outdoors to the attractions, the Wahatoya (Huajatolla) mountain area has never failed to be on a
 bucket list of  “Places to See this Summer!”



Springtime for Colorado farmers and ranchers means work! 
Whether it's getting fields ready for planting, ditches ready for water, or the all 
important calving, lambing, kidding or whatever season you find yourself knee deep in. 



We have successfully assisted many in the sale, leasing, and purchasing of Cannabis cultivation facilities, MIP facilities (Marijuana Infused Products), Hemp facilities, and commercial storefronts for the sale of such products in various locations 
throughout the state.



The value of land in Southern Colorado is directly related to the quality and 
quantity of its water rights. No truer words have ever been spoken!

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